What Others Have to Say About Michele


“The voice of Michele Addino-Colchin is beautiful and her arrangements are original, haunting, and lush! I truly love how Michele incorporates ‘A Course in Miracles’ into the songs in a way that I felt, was accessible to all. Her music is truly beautiful.”
 - Beverly Hutchinson McNeff, Director/Founder, “Miracle Distribution Center”, Anaheim, CA


“Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Michele Addino-Colchin sings the message of ‘A Course in Miracles’ with stunning clarity and inspiration.”
- Jon Mundy, ACIM author and speaker, and director/publisher of Miracles Magazine.

"I’m AMAZED AND AWE STRUCK. Michele is beyond talented and gifted. I love, love, love the compositions and Michele’s voice is just totally world-class. She is a national world talent.” 
- Tama Kieves, best selling author, “This Time I Dance” and director/founder of “Awakening Artistry”, Denver, Colorado.


"Michele Addino-Colchin’s musical arrangements based on ‘A Course in Miracles’ does what all great spiritual music does. It evokes the light that resides in all of us and gives us hope. Collectively, we are drawn in to the same plane of accessing the divine presence within and allows us to join in the oneness that is our truth.. Her lovely voice soars from the heavens and brings beauty into our presence."- Paul McNeff, Director and Founder of “Kidsingers”, ACIM Musician, Anaheim, California.


“Every morning I wake up early and put “Vision” on with headphones and it changes my life. It is an amazing journey. "Find Me, Lord" helps me get awake and open and ready. Then it builds until I deeply understand that "I Am As God - Created Me" and then I simply spend time with God. It is a great blessing in my life.”


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