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Michele Addino-Colchin

I am so happy you have been guided to visit my website today.
My name is Michele Addino-Colchin. My mission and calling is to promote and create the awareness of God’s presence in our world through artistic and creative expression.

Several years ago, I had a profound dream. I was immersed in a living liquid luminous light. This light was alive, flowing all around me and through me, creating a feeling of love and peace that surpasses this world. The feeling was so immense and deep, that my soul was overjoyed with tears of gratitude and joy. I reached out into the light, tears streaming down my face, and began thanking God for this respite from the sometimes harsh world. I had an awareness of “the Father/Mother” contained within the streams of light, the Source from which all the peace and love originated.

From that point on, I knew that the mission of my life was to bring forth God into the world. This dream as been the beacon of light guiding me in everything that I do. I believe we are here to be the light of the world, here to shine our light and create connection with one another. I believe our connection and collaboration with each other is crucial to our walk with God. My hope is that my artistry will be a catalyst to remembering God and who we truly are, as the precious sons and daughters of God.

In Peace and Joy

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