About Michele Addino-Colchin

Michele Addino-Colchin During the coming months, recording artist and speaker Michele Addino-Colchin will showcase songs from her latest effort: “Angels Among Us,” a two-album collection of mesmerizing vocalise and meditative piano composed through the inspiration of 14 angel drawings of artist Linda Barry.  The collaborative project is now released and available in both CD and download formats on Amazon, iTunes, CDBaby, and on her website, www.visionsong.org

Michele is a musician, songwriter, and speaker whose deep spirituality gives her presentations a unique quality that truly resonates with the audience and touches their hearts. Several years ago, she had a profound dream that forever changed her path and awakened her to a calling to share the presence of God with others. Her audience describes her voice and arrangements as, “Beautiful, original and haunting,” while “… evoking the light that resides in all of us and gives us hope.” Michele has three albums currently available: “Angels Among Us,” “Vision,” and “Spiritual Meditations.”

In addition to appearing to perform her music, Michele is a featured musician and speaker at national and international conferences alongside noted authors and presenters in a variety of venues. Her other talents include more than 20 years of experience as a pastoral minister, offering her music and spiritual inspiration for retreats, religious services, and workshops.

Motivated by her passion to help and inspire love and compassion in others, Michele shares her voice in prayer with those who are ill. She offers private sessions in spiritual direction to anyone who feels called to explore God’s voice in their lives, as well as personal music recording sessions called “Soul Song.” Along with writing and studying “A Course in Miracles,” she enjoys creating inspired artwork and empowering others to share their unique gifts with the world.

Michele’s formal education and training include: a Masters in Music Theory with a concentration in Composition from Indiana University School of Music in Bloomington, Indiana; a Bachelors in Music Performance, and a Bachelors in Mathematics from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a certified Forgiveness Coach with Heartland Miracles in Indianapolis and trained in a variety of healing modalities such as Charismatic prayer, Sound Healing, and Reconnective Healing. She is currently studying to be an Interfaith Minister with All Faiths Seminary International in New York City and will be ordained in June 2014.